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We've always imagined a space energized by the creativity, collaboration and spirit of girls. A space to educate the mind, strengthen the body and inspire the soul. A space designed to champion girls for personal growth and long term success with the act of giving as second nature. So, we built BYS Flight Club, an innovation lab dedicated to girls connecting with one another, inspiring each other and paying it forward, together.

We are on mission to strengthen the hearts and minds of young girls by deepening economic empowerment and transforming intergenerational thinking. We are dedicated to connecting girls to critical assets they need that will improve their livelihoods and personal agency. Grounded by sport, design, entrepreneurship and nature, we curate experiences and curriculums that will prepare her for a lifetime of leadership, success and intention.

We believe that when girls are given the tools to compete and are provided access to resources and 
opportunities, not only does she change the world, but she impacts the future, forever.


BYS is an acronym for Build Yourself Strong and it started out as a personal mantra for a 15 year old student athlete. She realized that when she gave herself permission to build herself strong, she allowed herself the freedom to grow, the patience to succeed and the resilience to follow through.  Yet, it would take years of reps and countless experiences for her to fully understand that. Today, it has grown into a platform that has inspired and encouraged many to see that anything is possible, when you believe in it wholeheartedly and make the choice to pursue it.

However, BYS Flight Club has only just begun its journey.




Strengthening the


We believe that sports performance shapes the way we think and feel, influencing our decision making and connection with the physical world. Sports provides the necessary tools for girls to develop a competitive mindset and the discipline to work at and accomplish goals. By applying fundamental functions to methodology and practice both on and off the playing field, we will be able to recognize her progress of mental, emotional and physical transformation.

  • Performance training that help prepare female athletes for competition

  • Access to elite trainers and pro athletes 

  • Access to club sports

  • Health & Wellness educational programs

  • Culinary classes and meals from our in-house 80/20 Kitchen

  • Scholarship fund built by current female athletes to make sports accessible for girls via our MVP Cookie program


Inspiring the


We believe that purpose driven design is the best design. Who we are, what we are and how we function are parts of our character. When the character is molded by purpose driven experiences and creative outlets, girls begin to see themselves as designers of their destiny. They begin to utilize who they are to lead and live with purpose. 

  • NIKE inspired experiences with our Flight Club Airplane build

  • NIKE and Porsche inspired workshops

  • Mona Lisa, our bi-annual fundraiser event for women and girls

  • BYS Tours, our exclusive and private dinner parties for girls to network with female executives and professionals

  • Shadow days & Internships with partnering companies, organizations and initiatives

  • Hands-on & experiential learning opportunities through STEAM programs

  • Partnership with The LEMO Foundation to enhance female participation in all programming hosted inside LEMO U


Educating the


We believe a resilient self starter and a committed team player are what make up the success of any idea and team. Entrepreneurship provides the necessary environment to explore challenges, discover new ideas and create solutions in effort to accomplish goals. We use entrepreneurship as a runway to stimulate the mind, build tangible roadmaps, and encourage girls to focus on long term success both personally and professionally.

Entrepreneurial workshops through our AIR CREW Programming

  • Industry specific Starter Kits that introduce an entry level experience

  • 1 on 1's with professional women and team gatherings

  • Workspace to build ideas and dreams

  • The opportunity to start and begin her own business venture


Nurturing the spirit

The greatest thing you can do is be the highest and most truest expression of you.
Nature teaches us this and in honor of her, we intertwine our passions with her philosophy to achieve a special life.

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